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Belife Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BVC11B 250W Brushless Motor, Household Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Floor Pet Hair

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🎁【Various Application Scenarios】
  • BELIFE BVC11B hardwood floor vacuum is suitable for cleaning all types of floors including hard floors, tile floors, wooden floors, low pile carpets.Its feature is a powerful LED headlight and freedom from the constraints of wires at the same time, perfect for cleaning staircases, garages and underneath furniture. Note: Don't support vacuuming while charging and vacuum cleaners do not inhale water or any liquids. The water ends up leaking or damaging the internal components.
🎁【40mins Long-Lasting Runtime】

Stick vacuum cleaner cordless with three suction modes and a 7 x 2200mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery: economic mode (8KPa suction for 40 minutes), standard mode (13KPa for 30 minutes), and strong mode (22KPa for 13 minutes). The removable battery makes it easy to recharge separately and doubles the runtime if you buy an additional battery.

🎁【Suitable for Pet Families】

With its efficient cleaning performance, it's the perfect cleaning tool for busy working families and pet owners who want to save time and effort. 250W brushless motor can up to 96,000rpm, brings super-strong and fade-free 22Kpa suction power in MAX mode, This household vacuum cleaners boasts powerful suction that can instantly pick up pet hair, cat litter, and even dog food scraps.

🎁【Humanized Design】

The main motor of the vacuum cleaner cordless weighs only 3.3lb, which is equivalent to the weight of a one-liter bottle of milk, making it very suitable for one-handed cleaning. It features a one-click dust dumping function to release garbage without worrying about dirtying your hands. We have also conducted extensive research on color matching, making it the preferred gift among friends and family that conforms to public aesthetic standards.

🎁【6-Tier Air Purification Filtration】

Powerful cyclone and 6-Tier sealed HEPA filtration system capture 99.99% of the fine dust as small as 0.1 microns. It expels ultimate purified air to avoid secondary pollution, and safeguards and maximizes motor performance. Note: Wash HEPA filter regularly can keep the suction powerful.

Floor Brush

The floor brush is specifically designed for cleaning low pile carpets and various hard floors.

Crevice Tool

Suitable for cleaning narrow gaps and corners, such as sofa crevices and car corner.

2-in-1 Dusting Brush

Combines a brush head with vacuuming function, ideal for cleaning window tracks, TVs, and furniture surfaces.